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Based on having built-up extensive experience and know-how in zeolite science, industrial  research & development and commercial-scale zeolite manufacture is allowing us to provide to our client important insights and fundamental information in specialty zeolite and standard molecular sieve manufacture as well.  In this frame likely topics, such as synthesizing specialty zeolite types with well defined characteristics, or general zeolite powder work-up queries, or client-specific challenges what are most efficient ways to upscale R&D-scale zeolite routes to pilot-scale and up to commercial-scale are of interest, but not limited to:

Connecting with deep technical understanding and commercial market background, such zeolite powder generated are key to further investigations and development stages, especially as catalyst (or adsorbent) performance or service-life issues are of concern.  Such development project milestones may range from choosing the optimum binder and its content, certain shaping chemical additives and the shaping (typically extruding) process itself, adding required metal functions to the matrix, up to technical product testing or start-up or operating recommendations, etc.

We work on a global base with our clients on both particular specific short-to-mid term projects, or on long-term consulting service contracts - allowing to support strategies and visions of our clients in a cost effective and efficient approach.  Typically, our approach will focus on technical and commercial aspects as well.

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